GULFF Hard Face, Pro Razor allround 4' Scissors

GULFF Hard Face, Pro Razor allround 4' Scissors

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GULFF – Leading in sustainability and quality

Probably the best scissors ever made for fly tying with the first scissors environment and quality program in fly tying industry

Hard Face, Pro Razor Allround 4’
For all kind use and all competent materials
Cuts natural and synthetic materials like butter
Awesome full matt finishing
Micro serrated blade
Adjustable tension
Available in straight blade
Very sharp blade and blade top

Gulff sustainability - the scissors
– ISO9001:2015 – the internationally recognized Quality Management System standard in use
– Recycling and wastage: production waste is recycled and re-used if possible
– No Child Labor and No Female Harassments -programs
– High Quality Forging Unit with modern machinery
– Skilled workers and regular education
– High quality Stainless Steel raw materials to create the best cutting edges
– A bonus salary program for workers on annual basis
– All official holidays granted to workers with pay
– 8 hours working time – all extra work paid

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